Energy-Saving Advantages of Adding Awnings

For UV protection and saving on energy bills, aluminum awning systems are gaining popularity. Awnings are the perfect way to add a unique look to your home or office. Awning installations by Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement make beautifying your space simple—at a reasonable cost.

Aluminum awnings are designed to fit your windows perfectly and provide shade, no matter the size. This cuts down on your energy bills while preventing UV radiation from fading your carpets and furniture.

Also, planning your window awnings by placing them around your home not only strategically prevents heat and brightness from penetrating, but also regulates the temperature within your home. A naturally cooler home needs less air conditioning, reducing energy expenses. And, a naturally cooler office boosts work productivity!

The first step is having one of our experts come out to your home or office for a consultation on your awning needs. Then, it’s time to pick out colors to enhance the design and look of your space. Awnings come in solid colors, colors with contrasting stripes, or with outlining stripes for a sharp look. Choosing the right colors to contrast and coordinate with your building’s exterior will add curb appeal and give your home a new, fresh look.

3 Benefts of Awnings

An added benefit of adding awnings to your windows is that you are making it Earth-friendly. Earth-friendly consumers strive to improve their space by decreasing the amount of energy consumed by upgrading and making improvements to their homes and offices. Joining the ranks of Earth-friendly consumers is a “feel good” proposition.

Aluminum awnings are durable and easy to maintain. They look great for years with minimal maintenance. The quality awnings we sell are made with high-quality structural aluminum to ensure the colors won’t fade, chip, or rust. The structural aluminum used in our awnings is designed to withstand varying weather conditions. They have been tested to last through wind and snow conditions. Metal awnings resist moisture, mildew, and soil. A quick hose off keeps them looking great.

Installation of our aluminum awnings is designed to be quick and easy. An aluminum awning can be installed in just a few hours. Our professional awning installers are skilled at doing a perfect job in a minimum amount of time.

You can learn more about our awnings and how we can work with you to make your space sparkle with a new look by giving us a call. Contact us for a free consultation and we can make an appointment to come visit you. We can discuss installing awnings by analyzing how many you want and what colors you would like, then give you an estimate on what the costs will be, so you can plan your budget.

Financing is also available, so give us a call to see what we can do to go green and make your neighbors envious!