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Dayton SidingWhen you consider the cost of painting and repainting over a lifetime and the variety of hazardous weather conditions your Dayton home will have to endure, vinyl siding is a wise investment that virtually pays for itself. A simple hose washing is all that is needed to renew that “fresh painted” look.

Our siding installers are truly the best at what they do, and they prove it on every home.

Turn your home into a place of beauty. Learn more about vinyl siding today.

Vinyl Siding Institute Certificate

Dayton Siding Installer CertificationIt’s important to know that the quality of the installation job is just as important as choosing a high quality product. Using trained, experienced, and certified professionals will help ensure that your home’s vinyl siding will look great and perform well for years to come.

Each VSI Certified Installer must demonstrate the knowledge and skills to properly install vinyl siding and accessories, based on the industry standard, ASTM D4756. When you hire an installer certified through VSI’s program, you can be confident that he or she knows how to:

  • Correctly fasten the siding which will allow for vinyl’s normal expansion and contraction properties and keep it straight and secure on the wall.
  • Properly prepare the area around doors, windows, and other openings to prevent water infiltration.
  • Pay attention to the details that will give your home a beautiful appearance that will last over time.

To become a VSI Certified Installer, candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience installing vinyl siding and accessories, attend VSI’s rigorous course, and pass the VSI Certified Installer exam (or have three years of experience and pass the VSI Certified Installer exam).

If you have any questions about our certifications and the process, don’t hesitate to call us at (937) 435-2000 or contact us through our Contact page.

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