5 Reasons to Do a Home Addition

Studies show that adding a room to your home is a smart financial move. In fact, every 1,000 square feet of new interior space increases property values by 3 percent. But a residential addition can enhance your life in many other ways, as well. Find out more in our top five reasons to do a home addition.

Top Five Reasons to Do a Home Addition

#1: Room for Special Interests

Enabling you or another family member to pursue special interests. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home office where you can work or study in private. Maybe you’ve long dreamed of having a space in which to pursue your sewing, crafting, or other hobby interests. Or maybe it’s your goal to have your own pool table or family game room. Whatever your passion, a home addition can make it possible.

#2: No Need to Endure a Move

Allowing you and your family to stay in the neighborhood and community you love, instead of enduring the hassles involved in relocating. Why go through the trouble and expense of buying a larger home when you can simply add to the one you’re currently in?

Increased sunlight means better health

#3: Increase Your Well-Being with Sunlight

Giving you the health and relaxation benefits of a sunroom. The sun radiates plenty of heat in the winter months. Usually, this is more than enough to keep a patio enclosure comfortably warm, even on cold days. Plus, medical experts agree that natural sunlight is important for feeling your best year-round. Whether you want space for a few patio chairs or a larger area in which to grow plants and flowers, Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement can make your dreams come true.

#4: Added Resale Value

Giving you an easy way to improve curb appeal. In the 1960s, American homes averaged about 1,000 square feet in size. Today’s dwellings enclose almost twice as much room. This means that when it comes to increasing your resale options, a home addition is the perfect way to catch a potential buyer’s eye. This benefit is in addition to the increased home values we mentioned earlier.

#5: Space for More Children

Enabling you to enjoy added breathing space. In today’s society, people of all ages have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests, from watching niche television programs to starting a home-based business. And, if you have kids living at home, then the time will come when they want added room as well. To enjoy all the benefits of a modern lifestyle, though, you must be able to move around freely without stumbling over the other members of your household. This is the kind of freedom that an additional room offers.

Whatever your reasons for adding to your house, the journey begins by choosing the right contractor. That’s where Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement comes into the picture. We have the experience and skills to help you achieve your goals. So contact us today to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.