In 2013, a couple in upstate New York died in their home when a car left running in their garage overcame them with carbon monoxide. Keyless ignition was blamed for the accident.

If that couple would have had a carport, they’d likely still be alive today.

If you are considering home improvement plans that include adding a garage or carport and that story isn’t enough to help you decide, then hold on for this “carport ride.”

Beauty and functionality

In the race between carports and garages, you don't have to sacrifice beauty to choose the safer and more efficient use of space. When making home improvement plans, a custom-built carport by Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement Center increases the value of your home without hiding or detracting from your home’s architecture.

Carports can add beauty and additional space for other life moments. Consider that summer or autumn party you’ve been planning but know your house would be too crowded. A garage would be just plain stuffy. Let’s face it; we put our tools and dogs in the garage, not our guests. A carport allows your guests to enjoy the beauty and scents of nature while being protected from the elements.

Insurance friendly

A carport by Mike Sikora can create a classy extension to your home while protecting your vehicles and you from hail, rain, snow and the hot sun. It does this all while costing you less in home insurance premiums.

In many states, garages attached to homes increase home insurance premiums and for good reasons. Car fires threaten homes and families, and accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is a real thing.


While many people might believe the attached garage to be safer, it is not. Today, when making home improvement plans, one must consider the obvious winner where security is concerned. When leaving your home or just returning home, with one glance out of your home's window at your vehicle and one sweep of the eyes when returning home and pulling under your carport, you can do a simple security check. With a garage, you are leaving your home with the assumption no one is hiding there, with no visual way to make sure.

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