So you’ve been trying to convince yourself to move forward on a sun room for decades, but haven’t been able to justify the investment. Would it be easier to swing if you knew that having a sun room could improve your family’s overall health and well-being? Keep reading to learn how building that beautiful addition can promote a happy, healthy lifestyle for you and those you love.

Sun rooms provide natural sunlight in all seasons. Regardless of the humidity, temperature, or weather conditions, you can put your feet up and soak up the sun in your sun room, which, in turn, means that you will reap the benefits of outdoor time year round: relaxation, stress-relief, improved mood, renewed energy, and more. Exposure to sun also increases Vitamin D production, relieves pain, and can be therapeutic for skin disorders.

Furthermore, having healthy friendships and relationships and positive social opportunities can improve self-esteem, mood, confidence, and overall health and happiness. Sun rooms promote positive social opportunities by providing the perfect setting for afternoon play dates, evening gatherings, or late-night entertainment with friends and family. What better place to settle in with a significant other for a cup of coffee while the sun rises? Or to have a few drinks with friends? A sun room is the perfect place to host an intimate baby shower, a game night with friends, or a small family get-together.

Benefits of Sunlight

Sun rooms can promote healthy living by providing the perfect home for your year-round garden. Vegetables and herbs can flourish in direct sunlight without being exposed to the harsh elements of winter. Access to fresh, organic produce year-round can promote adequate vitamin and mineral intake, a healthy diet, appropriate weight, and minimized risk of cancer and other illnesses that result from the use of chemicals in food production.

Sun rooms provide unobstructed views of nature without mosquitos or harsh weather. This can provide therapeutic stress relief and relaxation. A sun room makes a fantastic yoga or meditation studio as well, providing numerous additional health benefits.

Aside from health benefits, sun rooms add value to your home. Homes with sun rooms or patio enclosures are more attractive to potential buyers than homes that do not have a sun room, meaning your home may sell quicker and bring in a larger profit as a result of your sun room alone. They are inexpensive to build and typically the construction process does not take long. They are visually appealing from the outside, adding drama to your home’s curb appeal.

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