Owning your own home is a great goal to accomplish.  And if you’re looking for ways to add even more value to it, take comfort in knowing there are many home improvement options for you to take advantage of.  Best of all, you can carry out one improvement at a time, which is perfect if you’re on a budget.  

Patio Enclosure

Patio enclosures are perfect for a variety of reasons.  They can be used as rec rooms, home offices, fitness rooms, and much more.  The exact cost of adding on an enclosed patio will, of course, be based on the materials used, contractor expenses, and the size of the patio.  On average, though, homeowners spend anywhere between $9,660 to $15,027 when adding on a patio enclosure.  While this might seem a bit pricey, it’s important to note that the value of a home will significantly increase with this addition. 

Roof Replacement

Another excellent way to add value to your home is by replacing the roof.  There is an assortment of roofing materials to choose from, but it will depend on the structure of your house as well as climate factors that determine the best type to use.  Here at Mike Sikora’s Dayton Home Improvement, we can help you pick out the best roofing material for your home.  The average roof replacement costs about $12,000; however, higher-end materials and larger homes can cost $25,000+.  

Sun-room Addition

This home improvement option is quite similar to an enclosed patio, but there are a few differences to consider.  Sun-rooms are usually enclosed within three walls that are almost completely made of windows.  This allows for optimal sunlight to enter into the room, and at nighttime, you’ll be provided with impeccable views of your outside landscape, including the stars.  

Hardware Replacements

From replacing the faucets in your bathroom to the knobs on your kitchen cabinets, this extremely cost-efficient home improvement can add several hundred to thousands of dollars to your home’s value.  Best of all, hardware replacement is often a task that you can perform yourself. 

The Takeaway

You don’t have to empty your bank account to add value to your home.  With quality services from an experienced contractor, you can be well on your way to boosting your home’s amenities and value at the same time.