A patio enclosure adds to the beauty and comfort of your home, especially in the summer time. When done properly, patio rooms provide a special area to dine, relax, or entertain guests outdoors.

Maybe you already have a patio or deck. Not a problem. You can build an enclosure onto an existing deck, after you take a few steps to secure the existing deck for the extra weight

The first thing to ensure for sturdily built patio rooms is the strength of the deck. Be sure that 4×4 studs (posts from ground to deck level) are secured to each corner. Place them on the inside corners of the existing posts with 3 ½-inch exterior wood screws. 4×4 provide extra strength for additional weight.

Some of the best wood for decking is 1×6 V-joint, or parquet wood. V-joint, also known as tongue and groove, interlocks tightly to seal out weather and insects. Treated V-joint carries the bonus of repelling termites.

Lay them from one corner to the next. If you have space left that will not hold an entire board, split the board to the size of the leftover width, or buy molding to fill the gap. Adding several coats of high performance varnish keeps the wood weather and insect resistant.

Make the patio walls with bottom and top plate posts and studs of 4×4 and 2×4 respectively. Raise the first wall up and anchor in place with 2×6 inch plates making it flush with the top edge of the plate. Secure the corners of the other two walls to the front wall with the exterior wood screws.

Join the roof onto the porch with joist hangers. Cut the rafters from 2×6 if the pitch is shallow and make sure the roof extends one foot beyond the walls. Use blocking to anchor rafters; attach a fascia board to the front and side edges of the rafters.

For patio enclosures, vinyl screening is the easiest to use but is not as strong as metal screening. Pull the screen taut to prevent sags and fasten to the wood with staples. Then secure the screening with batten boards over the screen edges.

To complete your patio room, install metal or wood screen doors. Attach spring hooks to hold doors shut. Place splash boards along the bottom of the frame to keep out rain and mud.

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