Are you considering your best options for home improvement upgrades to your home with the best return on your investment in mind? The home buyers’ market in the present climate prefers additional living space over room remodels, even over kitchen remodels. Not only are kitchen remodels and bathrooms the most costly, they are also inconvenient to the family during the demolitions and remodeling phases. Additionally, if the home owner’s taste in design, materials, and appliances does not match the home buyer’s, they’ll see it as an added expense to remodel the space to their own tastes. You want to put your budget money into projects that pay back with increased value.

Patio Enclosures are a Bright Option

It is understandable that additions of sun rooms and enclosed patios are trending in every part of the country right now. Outdoor living spaces have immediate emotional appeal to home buyers. They can picture their families gathering outside in the evenings for a barbeque while enjoying the fresh air in comfort. Sun rooms have the appeal of growing fresh herbs and maybe a few tomato plants while enjoying the bright natural light. There is so much more a homeowner can do with $20,000 building an outdoor living space compared to the impact the same amount of money would have in an expensive kitchen remodel. These options also eliminate the hazardous variables regarding various personal tastes in kitchen design with potential buyers.

Using an existing patio that already has a concrete slab and requires no demolition sets the budget ahead. If the homeowner needs to begin with pouring a concrete slab, estimate a cost of roughly 3.5 cubic yards of concrete at approximately $75 per cubic foot for a standard-sized patio room. Use your remodel budget for high-value items like a flat screen TV, appliances for an outdoor kitchen, leisure furniture, or a fire pit or water feature. You can also dress up your patio or sun room with smaller versions of quality counter tops and the convenience of an added sink area very affordably.

Add high-value items to your enclosed patio.

Adding to the Emotional Appeal

Keeping the design and theme of the outdoor living space in sync with the design and style of the architecture and materials of the home exterior is a flawless plan for pleasing a majority of potential home buyers. When deciding on a contractor, be sure to ask for references of their past work and a list of local satisfied customers who have had similar work done. Perhaps ask for a list of customers who wouldn’t mind a quick home visit. Keep in mind specific needs in a contractor for adding to the project’s emotional appeal. For example, the contractor needs a complete understanding of lighting layouts for illuminating work spaces, how to set the proper mood, and comfort essential to an outdoor living space used in the evenings. Proper lighting transforms a living space into an atmosphere of relaxation and inviting social activities.

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